The World Federation of Engineering Organizations (WFEO) and the major Swiss engineering associations are behind the Swiss Engineers' Day.

Advisory Committee

  • Hannes Treier, Chair, National Committee WFEO / FEANI
  • Stefan Arquint, National Committee WFEO / FEANI
  • Nora Escherle, Managing Director SVIN
  • Lea Hasler, Managing Director IngCH
  • Mario Marti, Managing Director USIC
  • Christoph Starck, Managing Director SIA
  • Ivo Vasella, Co-Head of Communication and Media Spokesperson SIA
  • Alexander Jäger, Secretary General Swiss Engineering STV
  • Rolf Hügli, Managing Director SATW
  • Beatrice Huber, Co-Head of Communication and Marketing SATW
  • Daniel Löhr, Co-Founder / Office Engineers' Day
  • Christian Vils, Co-Founder / Office Engineers' Day

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